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Safety systems acknowledged by the national engineering laboratory

We are an approved supplier and installer of Anchorman roof safety systems (Fall Arrest), roof anchors, free standing systems and permanent hand rail systems.

In 2008 Roof Edge Protection Ltd completed one of its largest installations of anchorman handrails at 54 police stations for the West Midlands Police Authority.

We have a selection of roof safety systems made to secure any mobile worker with rooftop safety and flexibility.

Our line safety system requires no special wire travelling units. It retains the correct tension with its shock absorbing unit. The system has been used on a number of contracts where security is vital and access is restricted. This includes Glasgow Royal Infirmary and HM Prison Barlinnie.

What makes us the first choice in roof safety systems?

  • 25 years of experience in scaffolding and roof safety
  • Stable systems used around the UK
  • Approved supplier and installer of roof safety systems
  • Registered company with the British board of agreement
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